• Welcome to my blog, my name is Gabriella and this blog is about things that inspire me in my life and work as designer. Right now I'm starting my own children's wear brand "Anïve", clothes for children in sizes 86-128 cl. I see the whole process of making a garment important. That's why I do my own prints, choosing the best qualities and have the clothes produced in a factory where the skillful workers are payed properly and have good working conditions. It's still difficult to use fabrics that doesn't pollute the nature. The fabrics that exists are often very expensive, which makes the clothes very expensive, which we customers are not used to, especially not children's wear. I use organic fabrics as much as I can and I hope the collections will be totally organic soon. My wish is that the common look of clothes is changing and we doesn't see it as something you use for a short while and then throw it away. I hope my clothes will be loved and inherited by lot's of children.
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Hi there, Now my  website is up and running. So please follow my ups and downs and the life of Anïve on www.anive.se!   Advertisements

In the country house

I’m back home in Gothenburg from a couple of days at our country house. We’ve had the country house for two years now and when we are there we are busy painting the house, mowing the lawn (or jungle) and draining the house – not actually a proper vacation. But I love being there. One of … Continue reading

Samples from the AW-11 Collection

      From above: Bysans Shirt in blue, size 86-128cl. Bottom picture: Konstantinopel Dress in red, size 86-128 cl. Leggings in red, 86-128 cl.

Sara Nilsson

Today Bosse and I brought home a new love – a painting by artist Sara Nilsson that we bought at the artist run Galleri 54 (Gallery 54). I fell in love with this painting when I passed by the gallery and luckily it wasn’t sold yet.

Breakfast on the balcony

On Sunday morning Bosse was talking about bird watching on the swedish radio, in a show called “Mannheimer & Tengby”. Bella, Julia and I sat on the balcony and listened. We had made croissants filled with chocolate and our own orange juice.

In my studio

Today the sun is shining, my mood and energy is really changing to the better when it’s sunny. I’m in my studio at “Konstepidemin” which is an old hospital where different kind of artist’s have their studios today. I’m really lucky to have this place, the rent is low and it’s a very creative place. When … Continue reading